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mAtt Stuart (we dont have a pic of Stuart yet!) Andy (we dont have a pic of Andy yet!) Rathers


During late 2001, after 12 months the wrong side of the mixing desk it was mAtt's collaboration with housemate Rathers that led to the penning of a small selection of dark songs, heavily influenced by acts such as Muse, Pearl Jam and swedish unknowns; Kent. Old friends, Merton and Eeeeyan were called in to complete the four piece line up. Over the coming months the bands sound became heavier with nods to earlier influences such as Pink Floyd contrasting with modern metal influences such as the Deftones. The result? A brooding, dark, sound that began to leave audiences stunned in late january 2002. After reaching the final of the University of York Battle of the Bands competition the band continue to build a live gig reputation throughout the north of the country. Plans are afoot to record their first cd in September. Surprisingly, the typical dream of going out there and getting 'signed' is not apparent with 23 Beasts. We enjoy writing, recording and gigging our material. Take it for what it is... we hope you like it, we do!