Fibbers - York's premier live music venue
Royal Park - Leeds' premier live music venue
Battle of the Bands - York Uni band competition
Adventures of the Blode - The best cartoon u will ever see, courtesy of Joel Veitch at
Bandsoc - A society run by students at York University, that provides resources for University bands.
Nullsoft Winamp - The best mp3 player ever. Use it to listen to our mp3s.
The Appleseed Cast - Truly genre-defying, utterly amazing band. My vocabulary certainly is incapable of doing them justice!
Muse - We like Muse. Yes we do.
Pink Floyd
X Is Loaded - Band we played with at Fibbers once upon a time. We liked 'em we did.
Sevenball - Band originally from York (now in London I believe), sound a bit like us.
Metallica - Ask Matt...
Hopesfall - Dark, brutual but beautiful hardcore. Makes me weak at the knees!