Name: Daniel Mark Rathbone
Nick Names: Rathers, Danny, Frank Skinner, Bloody Drummer, Retard, Rath-Boner
Plays: Drums, occasional guitar when let off leash
Equipment: Currently playing standard 12, 13, 16, 14, 22 kit with 17" Zildjian Z Custom crash, 18" Paiste 505 crash, 14" Zildjan Scimitar hats, 22" Paiste 505 Ride, 19" Sabian AAX china, 8" Stagg Brilliant Splash. Zildjan/Vic Firth sticks and Remo Pin Stripe heads
Influences: The Appleseed Cast, Hopesfall, SkyCameFalling, ATDI, Muse, Pink Floyd.
Pastimes Observation, reflection, integration, augmentation. Music, films, books are all good. Geeky computer stuff, fishing and running too far. Cooking and drinking. Intellectualism, architecture, spring, autumn, countryside. The Internet, big wine glasses, oh and drumming.
Hates: Short-term impulses, instant coffee, scallies, Harrogate, low serotonin levels, the need for sleep (why cant we be awake always?), fast food, E numbers, ring-tones, arrogance, empty-headed shallow aimless drifting nobodies, womens magazines, dawsons creek, computer illiteracy/technophobia, alcopops, micklegate after hours, so-called nightclubs, chart 'music', marketing, football, chipboard, MDF and plastic.
Food: A really good blue cheese you can smell at 50 yards.
Drink: Alcoholic - Roosters Yankee Bitter
Soft - Fresh Apple Juice
Hot - Espresso
Place: Lake District
Drinking Establishment: Last Drop Inn

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